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    ELECLEAN portable

    Advice price: €129,50. ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is featured with safety (no harmful preservatives), powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience (easy to use and carry) Delivery time : 2 days for Benelux, 3-5 days for rest of EU countries.
  • Large capacity 200mL

    Effective-Replaceable filter with high-performance electrode

    Convenient-Simple Operational Panel

    Innovative-Intelligent Monitor PCB and Nano-catalyst Activated Carriers

    Eco-friendly-Compliance with 12 Principles of Green Chemistry: More Green, Safe and Economical

    Available in 2021
  • Sale!
    • Activated carriers, the only consumable item, for ELECLEAN portable
    • 1 set contain 2 x sticks
    • Each set can be used for 150 times reaction
    • Patented high polymeer core
    • Electrochemical reaction catalyst
    • Do not dissolve in water
    • Shelf life 2 years