Brand story

When nature disasters severely attacked Southeast Asia several years ago, Dr. Chen volunteered for participating in the rescue team and witnessed the tragedy that…
when people became homeless,
when people suffered from hunger,
when people had no clean water to drink,
He felt so heartbreaking and decided to make significant contributions. As a result, he invented a series of water purification modules to provide refugees with clean and drinkable water, such as Qwater.
Soon after Dr. Chen returned to Taiwan, ELECLEAN was brought to the world.
ELECLEAN is located in Hsinchu County. ELECLEAN is a team of 14 young people who have a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for developing a series of innovative and high-tech products with natural cleaning properties. ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device is our first product and has been launched onto Taiwan market for more than 1 year with great success. However, we are not satisfied at all because we realize that we can do more for human and the environment. Therefore, we have developed new products, such as ELECLEAN plus+, ELECLEAN tissue and E-cube, which will be launched as scheduled. With Dr. Chen’s leadership, we strongly believe that our dream will come true soon.


ELECLEAN Technology originated from Dr. Chen ’s ambitions during international disaster relief. Therefore, when he founded, he set the corporate spirit as [one pole, three hearts: positive, dedicated, creative, and kind]. Kindheartedness, created by industrial research technology, good at technological innovation, and based on social feedback. ” ELECLEAN is not only a company with a goal of making profits, it is also committed to contributing to society and the country, so it has invested in many social public welfare activities.
The purpose of ELECLEAN Technology is that forward-looking disinfection technology allows the world to have better anti-epidemic products, so that the public can have safer, more effective, more economical and more convenient multi-anti-epidemic appliances, while reducing the risk of anti-epidemic applications for all , In the disinfection at the same time can better protect their health. The vision of ELECLEAN is to bring the value of new life and new home appliances all over the world, and then become an internationally well-known disinfection home appliance brand, making ELECLEAN the best epidemic prevention partner for humans against bacteria and viruses.

Advanced ELECLEAN technology

The core technology of ELECLEAN Technology is ELECLEAN’s patented technology combination. Through the prospective nano-electrochemical technology, the water molecules are functionalized, the water molecular structure is rearranged and combined into highly active oxygen water, and the bacteria and virus structures are destroyed by oxidation. It is water, additive-free, and instant manufacturing. It can be derived to create many innovative anti-epidemic appliances, because non-pharmaceutical, non-chlorine, and non-ozone characteristics give humans around the world a safer and more effective anti-epidemic option. At present, there are more than 34 international patents, including nano-catalyst electrodes, activated crystal balls, intelligent control chips, material formulas, systems and structures, and product application types.
Eleclean logo square
The solid E letter represents electro-, and the benzene ring structure of the outer frame represents Chemical.
From dark blue to light blue, represents the cleansing process.
The doctor hat angle represents that the products are high-tech products developed by a group of Ph.D.
Apply forward-looking electrochemical technology to transform water into highly active oxygen disinfection water,
so you can always enjoy a clean life.


Dr. Chen portrait

Dr. C. H. Chen

CEO & Founder
PhD. Environmental Engineering
Electrochemical &
Water treatment and management

Corporate cultrue

Positive-initiative represents enthusiasm, enthusiasm represents sincerity
Attentiveness-Attentive R & D technology, professional R & D products
Charitable-Doing good will optimize society, public welfare will optimize life
Innovation-innovation creates advantages, long-term vision to create business opportunities