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Water + Electricity = Disinfectant

Unique , make your own disinfectant agent now!!! Time after time at no extra cost, never again to miss out, no worries about poisoning your small children or pets.

100% organic. No stabilisers, No chemical additives, No chlorine or alcohol. Eco-friendly, anti-allergic and handy.

How is this possible!?

ELECLEAN device uses nanocatalysis electrochemical technology to make cleaning agent in just 15 minutes. All you need is water. The water is directly composed by electrolysis in ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), the water does create a strong antibacterial and antivirus effect due to the oxidation method.

Eleclean disinfectant device

100% from Water

Safe & Environmental friendly

Anti-bacteria and virus


Keep hygiene ! Safe and healthy

This handheld ELECLEAN portable is only in pocket size. Very handy to put in your bag or coat pocket. Keep yourself hygienic and protected.

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New in 2020

Eleclean plus with hand


Large capacity 200mL

Effective-Replaceable filter with high-performance electrode

Convenient-Simple Operational Panel

Innovative-Intelligent Monitor PCB and Nano-catalyst Activated Carriers

Eco-friendly-Compliance with 12 Principles of Green Chemistry: More Green, Safe and Economical

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The First model

Pocket size, handy and easy use.

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Secret of ELECLEAN

Find out how ELECLEAN works and its secret of innovation

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Verification reports

Approved effectiveness on virus & bacteria by 3rd party organisation.

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